#Cherryade Preview April 28, 2016 12:32

I was hoping to get a preview up today of the #Cherryade track I was trumpeting about on here yesterday. However, the mastering engineer I've been working with has gone to Chapel St. Leonards for a long bank holiday weekend, so I'm going to have to master it myself.

Everyone bangs on about mastering dance music like it's a really difficult thing to do, but if you have a look on Ableton 9, there are LOADS of mastering pre-sets that do all the "hard work" for you.

Tonka's Top Tip: Simply open up Ableton and go to Library > Presets > Audio Effects > Audio Effect Rack > Mastering and choose whatever mastering pre-set you want. To be honest, all most of them do is make your track sound a little bit louder than what it did before. Have some fun with them though, and if you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact me on tonkawrdm@gmail.com, @tonkawrdm or facebook/tonkawrdm

I am ALWAYS here for you.