All I Ever Bloody Think About Is Death II January 06, 2017 09:30

I was listening to that fucking brilliant Tuff City Kids mix on Resident Advisor (RA.552) this week. Have you heard it? I'm going to be really lazy and just say, "80s vibes and 80s vocals with 80s party fire bombs", to describe it. It's a corker, anyway, and you should definitely download it *thumbs up emoji*

Listening to Tuff City Kids reminded me of two things; 1) of being the hardest boy in my year at school, and 2) the Tuff City Kids remix of Transience by Scuba.

Transience (Tuff City Kids Remix) by Scuba is from a couple of years ago, but it's STILL in the shops! Look, you can buy it, and the rest of the Transience/Family Entertainment EP, by clicking on this link here.

It's great.