An Advert for Tonka's Pub Quiz December 05, 2016 13:42

Fuck it, I might as well. I'm always pushing other people's projects.

On Wednesday night, if you live in London, go to Pepper's Ghost in Leyton (it's one of those shit hole, up-and-coming areas of London that "creative" people are now germinating in) for Tonka's Pub Quiz: The Christmas Special.

I'm not hosting it this time, but I'll still be there for hilarious table-to-table banter, music and PowerPoint display management. The last Tonka's Pub Quiz was good, not brilliant, but it was good. The microphone didn't work properly, and I forgot to scroll through most of the PowerPoint slides because I was too drunk and people kept turning my themed music down. I lost my voice towards the end because I'm not used to public speaking, so a bloke called Shaun Roberts took over and read out all of the answers. He was good at that, and I hated hosting the quiz, so I've asked Shaun if he'd like to present the Christmas Special. Shaun kindly agreed, and I'm hoping that, because he works for Fabric, I'll be able to tattoo my name into the hearts and minds of everyone around the world who loves that bloody club and snidely associate myself with it, and with the record shop who are chucking in a £50 voucher for the winning team, Phonica Records.

This is the worst advert in history. Here's the Facebook event page if you're interested:

Come on Wednesday night, if you want. It should be a laugh. It's probably going to be the last one I ever do, to be honest.

I cannot be fucked anymore.