Bad NEWS Brown October 05, 2016 09:30

I don't know how YOU cope with the loss of a loved one*, but I cope by writing bizarre blog posts for a Berlin record label every day and by watching hundreds of old-school WWF videos on YouTube *chuckles*

I watched the 1989 Royal Rumble at the weekend, and an hour long programme about SummerSlam 1991, and loads of Saturday Night's Main Events. I'm thirty-six years old in November, ladies and gentlemen. Thirty-six. You should have seen me chuckling when Jake "The Snake" Roberts was chasing Andre The Giant around the squared circle with his snake. Thirty-six.

Still, I suppose it's better I watch warm and nostalgic videos that remind me of my happy, long-gone childhood than sitting in a bedsit in Hayes, shooting heroin up my nostrils in an attempt to numb the present day drudge.

If I did that, it would make me sound cool, though, wouldn't it? Hmm, I've missed a trick there.

Tune in tomorrow where I'll be writing about my lonely, new skag life in UB4. If it's good enough for Will Self, it's good enough for Ton...oh no, tomorrow's the day I plug SCB Radio for Scuba. I'll write about my smack on Friday.

So, has this been dance news? Has it fuck. It has been content, though. And that's all that matters these days.

Keep on trucking, you sad bastards.


* My mum and my sister. They're not dead though, readers. LOLoutLOUD.