Bank Holiday August 30, 2016 11:53

I honestly thought today was Monday until I checked my WRDM Dance Hunks 2016 calendar. It's not Monday at all, is it? It's Tuesday! LOLoutLOUD. I hope you weren't all refreshing the Hotflush Recordings blog page all day expecting one of my brilliantly brilliant blog posts to appear like Jesus on an old Italian lady's slice of toast. If you were, I expect your pointing finger is now just a fucking stump.

I went to Secretsundaze on Sunday afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and danced until my legs were just a pair of fucking stumps. Honestly, have you ever tried dancing from 2pm on a Sunday afternoon until 6am the next morning without your legs turning into a pair of stumps? It's impossible. They always turn into stumps. There I was, dancing to the latest sounds from an impressively dungareed Prosumer until almost 11pm, and my legs were already on their way to becoming stumps! By the time we were being chucked out of Oval Space at 6am, my legs were completely stumps, and I had to waddle off down the road to Bethnal Green tube with stumps for legs. Well, you can imagine how long that took, can't you? That 12 minute walk took almost 24 minutes because my legs were so much shorter than they were sixteen hours earlier, what with them now being stumps.

Despite my legs now being stumps because of all the dancing I did, Secretsundaze 15th birthday party was fucking brilliant, and I'm extremely glad I went. I wonder what their 30th birthday will be like? Hmm...

...yesterday, I bumped into Paul Merson in Northala Fields and had a brief chat with him about football. He reminded me that he once won the UEFA Intertoto Cup with Aston Villa.

That was my bank holiday. Why not get in touch with me on Twitter, email or Facebook and tell me what YOU did on your bank holiday? I'd LOVE to hear from you. Seriously, I would *chuckles*