Fabric September 07, 2016 13:21

The last time I felt optimistic about a result due to overwhelming mutual agreement on social media was the day everyone else - outside of London - voted Brexit, and the time before that was when David Cameron obliterated one of the Miliband brothers in the 2015 General Election after Russell Brand had said in one of his politivideos that he's joining everyone in voting Labour, and everyone on my timelines was giving it the big 'un about how brilliant one of the Miliband brothers was. Whoops.

Islington Council didn't listen to us all and they didn't give us back our Fabric. It's funny to think that I'm sat here in my kitchen; stark bollock naked save for a pair of pants, a pair of socks, a pair of jeans and a Sónar 2007 t-shirt as I write today's post, whilst that dead-eyed bunch of lizard-skinned, no-neck, plasticine people are all sat around in Islington, drinking tea and sucking off the few dozen senior officers from the Met Police who are still awake, their lazy, pounded-sore arseholes gaping wider than my smile when I'm on an ecstasy E tablet in Room One. Each marionette who voted to shut Fabric last night have literally taken it up the arse with no Vaseline, and if they tell you otherwise they are lying.

It sounds like Cllr Raphael Andrews could do with dropping a pill, actually. Apparently, this cunt was on the verge of tears last night as he BEGGED the committee to revoke the Fabric licence. LOLoutLOUD. Who's been aggressively inside this wet blanket?

Cllr Flora Williamson reckons that clocking down the BPMs in Fabric might have been a sensible policy change. LOLoutLOUD. Does she reckon that getting Wolf + Lamb in every week is going to stop people whopping a few pingers down them? All jokes aside, these people are a disgrace. Or are they just pressured by the shadowy powers that be? Fuck knows, to be honest - I'm just a bit tired and emotional. And reactionary. Watch. Read the next paragraph for more reaction.

There have been loads of stats put out in the last few days about the scale of deaths in police custody (LOADS) compared with those in nightclubs (a few), and there are now bits seeping out about the Museum of London wanting to chuck a big wad at building a new home in Smithfield Market. We can tut about this around our socials and share articles and sarcastic comments about Russian satellites buying a sterile London as much as we want, but there's fuck all money behind a Tweet or a Facebook share, so it's a MASSIVE waste of time. Sorry.

Petitions for this kind of thing are just bog roll to the people who make the decisions. Tweets and Facebook posts do fuck all but whip up a deluded optimism (and a sneering collection of cuntish content - like this post - when things don't go our way). What to do, then?

I don't know.