CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN - NUMBER 3 December 21, 2016 09:30

Fucking hell.

This is awful.


I don't give a shit.

Here's the third best Christmas song of all time, chosen by everyone at Hotflush Recordings, including Scuba, Recondite and George Fitzgerald. All of the cool ones. They all chose this one as their third best Christmas song of all time.

Jane McDonald - Cruise Into Christmas

A long time ago, Jane McDonald charmed the eyebrows off of everyone in the United Kingdom with her unique personality, bubbly personality and brassy northern personality. In the late nineties you couldn’t move on TV for Jane McDonald whirl-winding about the channels, getting all cocky and winking at the camera as she elbowed her way into etc, etc.

Cruise Into Christmas could easily be misconstrued as a non-so-subtle nod to the enormous gay following she built up by singing cabaret songs on the telly. It wasn’t. It was an over the shoulder glance back at the show that birthed her into our consciousness forever, The Cruise.

Sorry, this is the laziest one I’ve written so far. Look, I’ve even copied something from Wikipedia:

Unbeknown to many; Jane’s first TV performance, was as a guest dancer on the 1983 Black Lace video for their hit single ‘Superman’ which was shot at the Casanova's night club in Wakefield, where she worked as VIP lounge manager.

Please come back tomorrow for number 2. Please.