Club Fabric Scores A Goal! November 22, 2016 09:30

Fabric is re-opening soon. Everyone is going bananas about it on my socials. I've not read up on the whole situation properly, because the ins and outs are a bit fucking boring, but it's good news, isn't it? In a year of doom, gloom and Dead Celebrities, to open up Resident Advisor last night and to read about Fabric re-opening was a very heartwarming thing. A beautiful thing, actually. What gets on my nerves is...fuck it. No. I can't be fucked. Can't be arsed. Nothing. It doesn't matter. No. It doesn't matter. Let's just change the fucking subject, can we? How's the weather in Shitville? Still raining? No, I'm not going to talk about Fabric re-opening anymore or how I'm definitely going to start going again because that's what EVERYONE fucking ELSE is saying. Of course I'm fucking glad it's re-opening, but I'm not going to make a massive song and dance about it on Facebook and go all earnest about it because it'll make me look like a fucking lemon and there are enough lemons clogging up my feeds with stuff like, "We did it! We saved Fabric. We're fucking brilliant, us!". I AM fucking glad, of course I fucking am. No, I am. Just fucking calm down though, eh? Loads of people will get their jobs back, so of course I'm fucking happy. I just don't want to go on social media and bang on about how happy I am because it doesn't fit my brand. Sorry.

Here's a picture of #JezWeCan in the famous Room 1 dance hall last night:

Oh, God. Sorry. I've done a Mitch. Sorry.