Consilium January 04, 2017 10:23

My main resolution this year is to read more. Specifically, I need to read more dance music journalism because I have a nagging feeling that I'm missing out on a lot of inspiring, creative and interesting work by writing this daily blog every day on a daily basis, every day of the fucking year.

Ugh. Sigh. Remember when ecstasy E tablets were twenty quid and half of one lasted about twelve hours? Remember hard house? Remember Club Kinetic and ripped up pages of Club International in the bushes next to the school gates? Remember when Ricky V was the RA #1 every year? Remember The End? Remember Foreign Muck? Remember Plastic People? Remember the good old days? Remember WRDM? Remember when the Hotflush Recordings blog was about Hotflush Recordings?


Tune in tomorrow for an embedded Soundcloud widget of Scuba's latest #SCBradio show. There you go; that's kind of about Hotflush Recordings...