Countdown to Fabric August 01, 2016 09:30

Scuba returns to Room One at Club Fabric on Saturday night. I can't remember the last time he played Fabric, but I think it was ages ago.

I phoned Fabric to see what they had to say about it:

- Hi Fabric, Tonka here. Could you just react to Saturday night's listing, please?

- Joining resident Craig Richards in Room One is Hotflush label head Scuba who’ll be returning to our space with his bag packed of voluminous four four cuts. We’ve also bedded him in with one of the most prized talents from the label’s roster with Belfast favourite Phil Kieran performing live. Finally Shall Ocin will be DJing off the back of a string of key releases on Ellum Audio.

Room Two then sees Steve Rachmad return unter his techno leaning STERAC guise which is responsible for some of the genre’s most highly treasured moments. Joining him will be Dave Clark collaborator Mr Jones whose hard edged constructs have impressed on our second space of late. Finally, resident Terry Francis will also be in the house with his on point technoid house.

- Thanks, Fabric. Appreciated.

You can buy tickets for Saturday night on Resident Advisor, here.

So, today marks the start of the Fabric countdown. I'll be there on Saturday night, signing copies of THIS blog whilst Scuba lays down some serious dance music for the punters on the famous Room One dance floor. Every day this week, I'll be putting up a YouTube clip of Scuba playing some records to whet your, get on the outside of Scuba's 2013 set from Space in Ibiza.

I think Mark Broadbent was still running We 2013, so it would have been a decent night. I think it's run by other people now and is a bit fucking abysmal.

Let me have a look, hold on.




I've just Googled it, but the website is a graveyard, so maybe We Love...isn't on anymore after all. Write in to let me know if you get any more info:

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