Countdown to Fabric – FIVE DAYS TO GO August 02, 2016 10:13

Is it five days to go, or is it four? Hang on a minute…

…Tuesday, one, Wednesday, two, Thursday, three, Friday, four, Saturday, five. Saturday?

I’m not sure if you count Saturday itself as an actual day or not. Either way, I’m still counting down to Scuba at Fabric. By the way, this countdown is not an official countdown, and is in no way endorsed by Scuba, Fabric or Hotflush Recordings, even though their website is hosting the countdown. This is a Tonka countdown, and is just a bit of fun. It’s all just a bit of fucking fun, ladies and gentlemen. That’s all that this is. A bit of fun.

Today’s video of Scuba playing records is from one of his many Boiler Room gigs. Check out the dance beats he’s capable of (and that bloke with the TECHNO YOU DIN'T" t-shirt, which I think really sends a message) and if you’re not then smashing your laptop keyboard to bits as you buy tickets for Saturday night, have a look in your bathroom mirror and have a serious think about what you want from life.

If nothing else, you’ll get to potentially bump into me in Room One and buy me a drink of lager. I’ll be wearing a pair of blue Nike trainers with a tick on the side, a pair of blue Uniqlo jeans and, probably, a black t-shirt from H&M. If you see me, tap me on the shoulder, shake my hand and use the codeword, "Hotflush" for a good time.