Countdown to the fabric 90 Launch October 17, 2016 09:30

The last time I did a Countdown to Fabric on here, the pigs shut the fucking place down, so I'm a bit reluctant to do another one in case the Old Bill start shaking down The Steelyard on Sunday afternoon. London clubland has had the piss taken out of it enough in the last few years, know what I mean? My idea pot is empty, though, so I'm doing another countdown...

On Saturday night, Scuba and fabric are launching the new fabric CD, fabric 90. Here's a fabric 90 promo thing on Soundcloud:

The launch party is at The Steelyard on Saturday 22 October 2016. Joining Scuba on the wheels of steel, or the CDJs, or the laptop, (or whatever the fuck it is DJs use these days) is Recondite (live) and Terry Farley, I mean, Francis, Terry Francis.

Doors open at twenty three hundred hours, army time.


fabric 90 is released the day before the launch party, on Friday 21 October 2016

PRE-ORDER fabric 90 HERE

Here's a good idea; pre-order the CD and ticket for the launch party today, unwrap the CD on Friday and listen to it loads, listen to it loads again on Saturday and then arrive at The Steelyard for opening time and see if you can hear every track from the CD being played at the launch party. If you hear every track from the CD in the club, telephone the fabric team on 0207 336 8898 on Monday morning to see if a prize is available for clubbers who hear every track from a fabric CD being played at the launch party of the CD.

Tell them Tonka sent you with the following Chinese proverb echoing through your mind, "if you don't ask, you don't get."