Dance Blog 2001 November 08, 2016 09:30

I love writing about dance music. I think it's great. *chuckles*

I don't love listening to dance music so much anymore because, in my humble opinion, no dance music has been any good since Roger Sanchez did Another Chance in 2001 (except the entire Hotflush Recordings output since 2003). I say that, but then I have a listen to the Hotflush On Air guest mix by PYUR and I think to myself, "Aren't I red-faced? Dance music is still good. Even stuff that isn't on Hotflush Recordings."

Then I had a squizz around Soundcloud and came across (not like that, you dirty gets) Manni Dee's set from House of God the other week:

How hard is that? Fucking brilliant, isn't it, dance music?

After listening to those two mixes, I went out to the internet and bought a copy of this. It's the new #SaveFabric compilation on fabric, or Houndstooth, I get mixed up. One or the other. My favourite track is number 93, Sam & Jen by Smagghe & Cross, because I just think it embodies everything I adore about dance music in every second of it's running time. I've not listened to it yet, but you can just tell that it's the perfect dancefloor destroyer. The name, Sam & Jen, is, I can only guess, a nod and a wink to Samantha Fox and Jennifer Lopez; two of the best looking birds the world has ever seen, who, I'm told, loved dance music when they were alive.


That was the best dance track and video from 2001 by the man with a really boring first name and a really exciting surname. Quality stuff.

Tomorrow on the Hotflush blog, I'll hopefully be grabbing an interview with whoever wins the USA USA USA USA general election tonight. Tune in, gang.