Dance News August 17, 2016 09:30

If Sadiq Khan closes Fabric, I'm going to sprint down to City Hall, storm through reception, charge up the stairs, burst into his office, smash the fucking lot up and chuck it all out of the window. Everyone I know is saying that, it's not just me. I'm just following the crowd.

All deadly serious threats aside, I hope that when the Mayor of London sits down to read the Hotflush daily blog this morning - and I know for a fucking fact he reads this - he has a long, hard look in the mirror, a long, hard think about how important raving is and then pours himself a long, hard drink of lager before picking up the phone to Islington Council to tell them to stop being so bloody stupid. Ooh, hang on, I've just seen some BREAKING NEWS on Twitter...

That's that sorted, then. Nice one.