DXC - Rạng đông December 12, 2016 12:29

Rạng đông is the brilliant debut EP by DXC on Tidy Trax, I mean, Innervisions, I mean, Positiva, I mean, Bedrock, I mean, Hotflush Recordings. DXC are a mysterious duo from Germany, and they make dance music as it should be made: for dancing to in nightclubs with your mates whilst off your rocker on all sorts.

I listened to this EP last night on my own in my three-bedroom house in Northolt whilst drinking tea, eating (drinking?) strawberry yoghurt and keeping both eyes on the next door neighbours front garden through the living room window. They weren't half making a racket.

Yes, I've been experiencing severe problems with my next door neighbours, Smiley and Gemma. The only way I can cope is to listen to music that fits the following criteria:

- stripped down / raw
- essential / minimal
- referencing golden era tech like: Mr. G / Terry Francis / Eddie Richards
- organic / dynamic / present / accessible / refreshing / on point
- perfectly executed / no bullshit dj tools
- deep / dope

Hang on a minute, that list is exactly the same as the list my very dear friend, and well-known Berlin DJ, CONTENT REMOVED BY THE HOTFLUSH RECORDINGS HYPE DEPARTMENT, wrote down when I asked them to describe the debut EP by DXC!

It's a funny old world. If it wasn't for the music of DXC, I'd be in prison now for murdering a deadbeat dad and his sad, silent missus.