Event Review #69 January 23, 2017 09:30

I pissed the bed at 4am yesterday morning and, to make myself feel better, I flipped my phone open and fired off an intentionally enigmatic Tweet (on Twitter) about Fabric to make it look like I was there, and that I was absolutely fucking terminated - even though nobody gets absolutely fucking terminated in Fabric nowadays (winking smiley face). Heartthrob Liked it and responded, but that was it. I swear that my social media engagement statistics drop as my Followers and Facebook Likes increase. If Tupac were alive today, he'd no doubt sing about mo Followers means mo problems, or, fuck me, this bit's bad.

Anyway, by all accounts, Scuba played a breathtaking dance set at Fabric on Saturday night. Also playing was Terry Farley, I mean, Francis, Terry Francis, Helen Alien, Live Taxi Driver and Jack Wilshere. It sounded fucking brilliant to me, and I'd 10% rather had been definitely not* drugged inside out at Fabric than lying in a bed with my own piss soaking into my pants, bed sheet and duvet cover.

I am one happy fuck.