Everything Is Wrong. Go Play. January 11, 2017 09:30

I'm relentless, me. Yes, well over half of the shit I shit out is shit, but there's always a bit of shit in there that is the absolute shit. That Acid James pun yesterday was fucking quality.

Today, I'm wondering who is going to DJ at Donald Trump's party if Moby has turned down the chance. The 36-year-old, bald-headed fag said that he'd only DJ at Trump's party if Donald released details of his tax returns. I'm not being funny, but Donald Trump is a fucking BILLIONAIRE. If I was Moby I'd be naming my fucking price, not faffing about with tax returns. Why does Moby give a fuck about tax returns? I'd be asking top dollar to spin some discs and attend an historic event, not whining on about transparency. The world at that level isn't transparent. We all know that. So what? Get off your high horse and play some fucking twelve inches, you boring bellend.

There are hundreds of smart arses on Resident Advisor and Twitter making shit jokes about Ten Walls playing, but I reckon David Guetta is badgering his agent as we speak, and he'll be plastered all over the telly in a couple of weeks with an American flag bandana wrapped around his head, ripped jeans with Confederate flag patches stitched into them and a massive pair of stars and stripes sunglasses all over his eyeballs, laughing his head off whilst pointing his fingers in the air to the beat.