Flyers 260516 January 24, 2017 09:30

Have you bought this yet?

I have. I've bought it about fourteen times; one for me and about thirteen for the rest of my #Squad. It's great and I could listen to it all fucking fuck me, this post is so bad. I'm dying on my arse. Sorry, I'm on hardly any sleep these days, ladies and gentlemen. The next door neighbours keep playing The Beatles full-blast at all times of night. Honestly, that mop-topped gang of scallies will get their guts gartered if I get my hands on them.


I'm absolutely fucking sick of it. Can't Buy Me Love? Can't buy me sleep, more like! LOLoutLOUD. I'm telling ya, if I hear one more, "yeah, yeah, yeah", I'll fly to California, find Ringo Starr and shove both of his fucking drumsticks so far up his arse, they'll be sticking out the top of his bastard head and people'll mistake him for a fucking Martian and stamp the deep-voiced, massive-conked cunt into oblivion, and if I hear one more high-pitched, "ooooooh", I'll get the train to wherever the fuck Paul McCartney lives, cave the pretty-faced, doe-eyed TWAT'S skull in with a lump hammer, get the train back to London with his body in my holdall, and bury the cunt underneath the zebra crossing at Abbey Road so that all them tourists stamp all over him forever.

John Lemon and the other one can fuck off, and all. I'll tell ya that!

Rạng đông by DXC is OUT NOW

Buy it from here. It's only £3.60. Bargain.