Frank Ocean Blind Content Post August 22, 2016 11:35

Everyone else is talking about it, so I might as well, too. YES, Frank Ocean has double-dropped the latest greatest album of our little modern lives, and I'm already bored at the idea of pretending I've listened to it and joining in with the game of Blonde sticky biscuit. Have you seen the state of every online music magazine over the last few days? It's like we never learn our lessons after Pablo, Adele, Compton, Cliff, that D'Angelo one, and every other so-so album that gets splattered in digital spunk about ten seconds after they've been released.

Sorry, Frank. I know you were waiting to see what Tonka and Hotflush Recordings had to say about your new album, but I can't be fucked with it. Anyway, I've got a mate on Facebook who went to the Frank Ocean pop-up shop in London the other day and he said it was fucking shit.


What shall I talk about then? Prosumer at the Secretsundaze 15th birthday party next Sunday down Oval Space (tickets available here)? I'll probably talk about his three hours, non-apple pie-related set later in the week, to be honest. I think what I'll do is leave you all with a parable. It's a tale about morality, loads of oral sex and what happens if you stick your thumb up something you're not supposed to..., fuck it. I'll just see you all tomorrow on the rockingest, rock-rockin' blog around; the Hotflush Recordings daily blog by me, Tonka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!