Friday Plus Seven Minus One Week Equals Today November 04, 2016 15:36

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday...!

I'm sure I've started a Friday on here with Rebecca Black before. Sorry. She's one of my things. I'm also sorry for not publishing today's post earlier - they're usually up around 09:30, aren't they? Sorry.

- Stop saying sorry, Tonka

- Sorry, I'll stop.

So, Friday, eh? Fucking hell. Before we know it, it'll be Monday and we'll have to go through this whole sorry, shit, sorry, this whole cycle of content again. I reckon that if I do this until the end of the year, I'll be the only dance writer in history to write every day (Monday to Friday) for every week of a calendar year. And people said DJ EZ was good for doing a 24 hour shift. No disrespect or offence to DJ EZ, but when he can spin discs for 52 weeks without stopping, I'll show him a little bit more respect. Know what I mean?

Today's Tonka's Week was good - it only took me about 40 minutes to write from scratch this morning. I recommend reading it whilst listening to that PYUR album, Epoch Sinus. It's a great LP for listening to whilst reading about my hugely successful pub quiz on Wednesday night where the winning team went away with record vouchers, a bar tab and a framed signed photo of Ricardo Villalobos. It's really great for that.

 Buy Epoch Sinus by PYUR by clicking on this link here.