Fun Time Friday IV June 17, 2016 14:00

Hi gang,

Welcome to another edition of the incredibly popular dance music-themed joke portal, Fun Time Friday on Hotflush Recordings.

Note: none of these jokes are officially endorsed - or even read in advance of publication - by Hotflush Recordings or Scuba. All jokes are written, arranged and performed by Tonka. Tonka is not an employee of Hotflush Recordings, he is a sub-contractor in the employ of the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music and is not subject to the same libel, taste and decency laws as Hotflush Recordings.

Anyway, guys, back to the jokes!

< >  A Englishman, a little Indian shop-keeper and a brash African American post-op transsexual fella walk into Panorama Bar. The American says, "Yee haa, man! This is the gosh-darned place where you can fucking hell. I've lost my confidence on this joke already. Next. LOLoutLOUD

< > My mother-in-law is so fat, that she turned up at Fabric last weekend for Eats Everything thinking it was a fucking offer! PMSLOL

< > Here's a good joke, ladies and gentlemen. *Embarrassed face emoji*

< >Have you ever noticed how, when you're in a nightclub and you're trying to get off with all the fit women on the dancefloor, it's always your mate who pulls, isn't it? Eh? Always your fucking mate who pulls the best looking birds. It is though, isn't it, ladies and gentlemen?

Well, it is when I go out...I'm a burns victim who looks like that bloke who came back from the Falklands with no face. ROFLOFL

< > Knock knock.

- Who's there, Tonka?

- Doctor.

- Doctor who?

- DJ Doctor Fox, who has definitely been cleared of sexually abusing schoolgirls and young women over a 26 year period. Like what Cliff has just been. MILFNUR