Fun Time Friday - This Time It's Personal October 14, 2016 13:16

I love laughing more than anyone else on Earth. Even more than this cunt:

Here's some dance jokes to get YOU laughing all the way into your grubby, little weekend...

< > An Arab, a Pakistani and a Jew walk into Panorama Bar. The Jew goes to the Pakistani, "What time's Prosumer on?" Before anybody could respond, Prosumer taped the Arab on the shoulder and said, "I stopped being resident DJ here in fucking hell, this is bad. I'm sorry. I'll try and crack a better joke now...

< > Knock Knock

Who's there?

Circo Loc

Circo Loc Who?

No. It's Circo Loco, silly!

Fuck me. Sorry.

< > How many industrial techno DJs does it take to change a lightbulb?

None. You won't find any industrial techno DJs going anywhere near a light.

Oh Jesus fucking Christ.

< > What's the deal with Scuba?! It's not like he wears a wetsuit and snorkel every time he plays out. If anything, he should be called Black T-Shirt And Jeans! (you're fired - scb)

HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND (I said you're fired - scb)

Tx (fired - scb)