Fun Time Friday VIII August 12, 2016 15:43

Fucking hell. Here we go again. I really need to think of something else to write about every fortnight instead of this load of shit.

Maybe next Friday I'll bring Hilarious Lookalikes over from the Weekly Review of Dance Music. WRDMerchandise seemed to work quite well on here this week. I need to do something; Fun Time Friday stopped being fun around its third incarnation. Fun Time Friday is here now, though, so I'd better pull some jokes out of my bag.

< > A dog, a cat and an elephant walk into Panorama Bar. The dog goes, "woof, woof, Tama Sumo, woof, woof, Dan Beaumont." The cat taps the elephant on his shoulder with her little paw, rolls her eyes and goes, "meow, meow, Tama Sumo, meow, Dan Beaumont, meow, meow, meow?!?!" The elephant sniggers, pulls his trunk out of the arse of a leathered up German moustache man for a few seconds, rises up on his hind legs and goes, "Ewoooooooh, ewooooooooh, Efdemin, ewoooooooh, DMX Krew (live), ewoooooooooh, Tama Sumo, ewoooooooh, ewooooooooooh, Steffi, ewoooooooh."

Fuck me, that was bad. Sorry. I'm dropping this section immediately. Next Friday will be good, I promise. If you want to read something decent by me today, have a look at my return to Ran$om Note. It's a cracker.