Greatest Moments in Dance - Number 2 September 22, 2016 09:30

No big surprise here, ladies and gentlemen. No surprise to anyone who's been listening to the radio for the last eleven weeks. Scuba's SCB Radio show is not only better than anything Chris Moyles has ever done, it's also better than The Archers AND JK and Joel. It's better than Heart FM Club Classics with Mark Wright on a Saturday night and it shits all over Jarvis "Zzz" Cocker and Iggy "Snore" Pop on BBC Blah Music. SCB Radio isn't as good as Call Collymore on TalkSport, but that's not got any dance music in it, it's just talking.

- So is The Archers, Tonka.


The second Greatest Moment in Dance is this week's episode of SCB Radio; Episode 11. Who'd of thunk it?


1. Trevino - Desecrate
2. Marko Zenker - Isolated
3. Gunnar Haslam - Athabaskan Languages
4. Erosion Flow - Syvv
5. PYUR - A Tree
6. Nautiluss - Kodama
7. Locked Groove - Dawn
8. A001 - Anglo
9. Scuba - Volt
10. Simon Shreeve - System Living
11. Melody’s Enemy - Right Now (Dense & Pika Remix)
12. Infiniti - Skyway (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
13. Erdem Tunakan & Alpha Tracks - Maggie
14. Setaoc Mass - Lost Lakes
15. Surgeon - Atol (2014 Remaster)

GAWD BLESS #SCBradio AND SCUBA (who, incidentally, is launching fabric 90 at The Steelyard on 22 October 2016. All proceeds from the night and his CD release are going towards helping to fund the club’s upcoming appeal. Scuba is joined by our Hotflush chum, Recondite, and Fabric resident, Terry Francis. Tickets are available here.

Scuba’s fabric 90 launch party is happening in support of the #saveourculture campaign. For more info, fucking head to: