Greatest Moments in Dance - Number 3 September 21, 2016 09:30

Ooooh, number 3. We're SMACK BANG in the middle of this countdown to end all countdowns. Greatest Moments in Dance rumbles on, and today I'm very happy to posthumously award this digital bronze medal to Tony De Vit for his work on the very first Global Underground CD; Live In Tel Aviv.

Yes, the third Greatest Moment in Dance happened twenty years ago today (probably), when Global Underground started a mix series that everyone since, except for the lads at Bonkers, have aped. Before Global Underground, all the other dance mix series were a bit fucking wacky, artistically, from a conceptual point of view, aesthetically speaking (today's post is also my audition for a daily slot on The Quietus next year), except for the Ministry of Sound Annuals. Have a look at every mix series prior to Tel Aviv and tell me that the outfits behind them weren't all just up for having a laugh with the idea of a DJ mix album. Here's one example, I can't be bothered to trawl through Google Images all night. You know what I mean though, don't you?


Look at all them birds (sorry, The Quietus) dancing behind Allister Whitehead! And can you imagine someone like Ivan Smagghe or Perc dressing head-to-toe in tartan, putting their hair in cornrows and pouting for an album cover these days? Jeremy Healy looks ridiculous, but those were the days when a DJ was supposed to look a bit fucking mental. I genuinely miss those days in dance music. The days before Global Underground brought a bit of self-awareness and seriousness to the table with that sombre portrait of TdV staring back at us through his little plastic prison.

Maybe Global Underground making us realise that presenting dance music and clubbing in a light-hearted way wasn't that cool anymore ISN'T the third Greatest Moment in Dance? I'm a bit torn now, ladies and gentlemen. I love Tony De Vit, I wasn't THAT bothered with the rest of the Global Underground series, and I do love it when club culture is shown up for what it actually is; a right fucking laugh. Yeah, fuck it. Sorry Tony, I'm taking that bronze medal off your grave and chucking it at Jeremy Healy's yacht. If he doesn't catch it, John Galliano will.