Hilarious Lookalikes 2009 November 07, 2016 10:13

Woah nelly! It's back, ladies and gentlemen, and ain't THAT the truth?! Yes, because I couldn't think of anything interesting or original to write today, I'm whacking a load of hilarious lookalikes on your computer screen to distract you from your mundane, dreary existence. You sad bunch of cunts. LOLoutLOUD

Look at these:

DJ Harvey is such an adventurer, isn't he? When he's not making up stories about being trapped in America for ten years in order to maximise the myth, or riding motorbikes around, and jumping on surfboards, and playing disco records all over the gaff (the world), and answering my MASSIVE QUESTIONS, he's also looking exactly like the bloke who played the trumpet in The Commitments! ROFLOFL
If you separately Google Image the names Daniel Avery and Thurston Moore, you get many thousands of results. However, if you Google Image, "Daniel Avery smiling" and "Thurston Moore smiling", your computer immediately shuts down, restarts and you are taken to the homepage of Resident Advisor, with MOJO open on another tab.

Also, Daniel Avery and Thurston Moore look a bit like one another if you lean back and squint. MILFNUR

Did the brilliant DJ and producer, Maurice Fulton, go back in time to 2008? Did he de-cool himself and create a FUCKING SHIT pop-rap group called the Rizzle Kicks with a Brighton Brit School kid or does he just look like the singer of a pair of ARSEHOLES who created the hip-hop sing-song group, the Rizzle Kicks?

You tell me! COPTERofLOL

I think I'm done now. See you tomorrow, guys.