Hotflush Hilarious Lookalikes August 16, 2016 09:30

Anyone who says that I'm transferring items from a blog I wound up eight months ago to a record label website that I'm hemorrhaging readers from in an attempt to win back my old fanbase because I'm completely devoid of new ideas is, for want of a more abusive phrase, a fucking prat.

Hilarious Lookalikes makes its debut on Hotflush Recordings today in what I reckon is quite a bold move. I don't know why I think that, but I do. However, before you go on; make sure your sides are strapped up with bandages because there'll be a bit of fucking strain on them if you carry on reading! Winking smiley face.

Hey! Have you ever noticed how George Fitzgerald looks a bit like the bloke who does them wicked Morrissey and Paul McCartney impressions, Peter Serafinowicz? You haven't until just then? Really? You have now though? He does, doesn't he? Especially if you squint. LOLoutLOUD

These two might very well be in the middle of the most lightweight and embarrassing beef in the history of music beef, and one of them has got form when it comes to bottling out of beef, but you can "trust" me when I say that I honestly can't tell either of them apart. Hudson Mohawke and James Blake look a bit like one another, don't they? Or is it just that I don't know which one's which? PMSLOFL

A golden oldie, this one. In 2013, I was the first dance blogger in the world to notice that when Lisa Lashes put her finger in her mouth whilst Judge Jules wasn't budging behind her, it made her look a bit like Dirty Den when he whopped his wanger out on a web cam and sucked his own finger off. At the time, I said: Lisa Lashes? Dirty Den? Dirty Lisa more like! LOL ROFLOFL

I've been saying for years that Scuba is like a better-looking version of the American Armani underwear model, Clint Mauro, even before he started paying me for writing the blog of his hugely successful record label, Hotflush Recordings. And I'm certainly not highlighting the fact on here in order to ingratiate myself further and brown-nose the world's best-looking DJ and producer. I'm not that kind of dance writer. MILFNUR

I'm bored now. Here's another one from the Weekly Review of Dance Music archives. I'm not even going to use Microsoft Paint and Snipping Tool to customise it for this website. I'm just going to snip the fucker from WRDM. LOLMON

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