Hotflush on a Tuesday August 23, 2016 13:49


When I'm not buying tickets for the Secretsundaze 15th Day & Night birthday party at Oval Space on Sunday 28 August from 2pm to 6am the following morning, I'm sitting back, relaxing, chillaxing and freaking out in the most laidback way imaginable to the latest dance sounds from the terrific Hotflush Recordings record label. Honestly, when you feel a bit stressed out, my advice to you is to browse the Music section of their fantastic website and spend all of your pocket money to collect each and every Hotflush Recordings release. It could be the new playground sensation if the mainstream press get wind of it.

"Gotta buy them all!", your little brother will be saying around the back of the bike shed as he shows off, pulling all of his brand-new Hotflush vinyl out of his little brown satchel. No bully in their right mind would attack a young lad with a haul of records by artists like Scuba, Paul Woolford, Dense & Pika, Monoloc, Recondite, Jimmy Edgar and Terr. Unless the bully was an aggressive and tribalistic fan of rock n roll music. In that case, little Tyrone and his extensive collection of techno future classics is dead meat.


If the bully literally did make little Tyrone dead meat, and killed him, I wonder what track little Tyrone would have wanted as the coffin that housed his corpse is slowly trundled into the fire. I reckon it would be May Day by Terr. It's definitely got that feel about it; a celebration of a young child's life.