Mountains 16 November 01, 2016 12:58

Thank fuck Halloween is over. Am I the only one who hates Halloween? Honestly, ladies and gentlemen, it's the only time of year I don't give sweets to primary school children.

Apart from that very weak paedophilia joke, I've not got much else to say today. My mind is preoccupied with potential questions I might chuck out to the punters who come to Pepper's Ghost tomorrow night for Tonka's Pub Quiz. With a £50 Love Vinyl record voucher, a £50 bar tab and a signed photo by a very famous DJ going to the winning team, you'd be BONKERS not to go to Pepper's Ghost on Wednesday night.

It says 7pm to 1pm on the flyer, but there's no way on earth I can drag it out that long, so we'll probably kick off a little later, finish a little earlier, and I'll play a load of Prince on the preposterous gold-painted Funktion One rig they've got set up next to the bogs. A Funktion One rig in a little pub in Leyton. Pepper's Ghost is fucking brilliant.

Yes, Tonka's Pub Quiz will DEFINITELY be a roaring success, and I WON'T get pissed and slur the questions and get bored halfway through.

Come along if you're in London: DETAILS HERE

I've also resurrected the Weekly Review of Dance Music for one day only in order to try and flog my 2017 Dead Celebrity Hunks and Babes of 2016 calendars. I've got a warehouse full of them and I need them SHIFTED.

Have a look on here. They're perfect as a Christmas present. Really perfect for that, actually.

I'll plug some Hotflush stuff tomorrow. Winking smiley face.