Hotflush Tuesday - Return to the Thunderdome aka #SaveFabric September 06, 2016 09:30

Has Hotflush Recordings ever put out a collection of rave tapes? If not, I think they should. Rave tapes were brilliant for hearing what your favourite DJ was playing in the pre-internet age. Irrelevant now, I suppose, what with us now being SMACK BANG in the middle of the internet age. We've got free access to loads of DJ mixes. Now that I really think about this, I don't actually reckon Hotflush should release any rave tapes. Fuck it.

I do wish that Hotflush would start using artwork like this a little more, though:

Anyway, I started out writing today's post for a reason. It was a convoluted way of saying that we don't need rave tapes anymore because of the amount of mixes and podcasts you can download and stream on your little computer in 2016 for free, which is a fucking boring premise for a blog post in itself, but if you add that done-to-death premise to one that won't be quite done enough until we get what we need; the saving of Fabric, then today's post actually turns into a really good post. Watch. I'm about to stick all of last weekend's Rinse FM #SaveFabric mixes underneath this bit. And one of them is by Ricky V!

Before I do that, there's just enough time for you to sign the #SaveFabric petition. If you don't, it might be YOUR fault that the zombies at Islington council turn Fabric into a luxury car park for luxury Russian oligarchs. Think about it.

Now smile. Here's some luxury mixes for you to stream, download, whatever: