Hyper Tonkaisation October 18, 2016 09:30

I watched that new Adam Curtis film last night, Virtual Insanity. Well, I watched that 5-minute VICE film he did for them as a teaser for the proper iPlayer film. Well, I watched the first thirty seconds of it before turning over to the Hotflush Recordings YouTube channel to watch some dance music instead. There's something inside me that rails against clever clogs documentary makers who try to help me view the world from an angle I'm not used to viewing it from.

I think it's better to not question the world we live in because you can't change it and we're all going to die anyway. No amount of 3-hour, riddle-me-this, jiggery-pokery on my iPad will change the way I go about my business. So, fuck off.

What did I watch on the Hotflush Recordings YouTube channel instead of Virtual Insanity by Ian Curtis? I watched all four of the tracks on the new fabric 90 Sampler and then bought it by clicking on this link HERE.

After that, I got a bit giddy, and thought about how I'm definitely going to die one day, so I went on Resident Advisor, sniggered at that Jeff Mills bottle story for a bit and then bought a ticket for Scuba's 90th birthday party, I mean, Scuba's fabric 90 launch party at The Steelyard this Saturday (22 October 2016) - despite confirming on here about three times in the last week or so that I already have a ticket for it.




Here are the videos I watched instead of that Adam Curtis film: