Is 3D Banksy or is Banksy 3D? September 05, 2016 09:30

I'm not a massive (LOL) fan of Massive Attack OR Banksy, so I don't really give a fucking shit about this, but I'm still seeing articles about the possibility that 3D off of Massive Attack MIGHT be that boring graffiti artist that you're supposed to like if you're wanting to be seen as anti-establishment and cool, Banksy. Let's add to the content swamp...

Is 3D Banksy or is Banksy 3D?


I get Banksy, but I think he's fucking shit. Unfinished Sympathy is the only Massive Attack song I know, and that's a good one, so if I judge them on that one song, I reckon Massive Attack must be a good band who wouldn't have a singer in it who does shit, populist, corpo-anti-corpo graffiti.

Is 3D Banksy or is Banksy 3D?


3D hasn't come out and denied any of the allegations (or has he? I've not Googled or read that far ahead), but why would he (if he hasn't)? If I was being accused of being Banksy (which I have been), I'd play it cool and all (which I did). Unfortunately, I was only accused of being Banksy by the Ran$om Note website, not by one of the trendier ones like FACT or NME, so that rumour never had any traction to it.

Is 3D Banksy or is Banksy 3D?


None. 3D might be Banksy, but he might not be. Who knows, eh? It's certainly got everyone talking about Banksy and Massive Attack, though, and that can only be a good thing, if you like 3D and Massive Attack.

I was going to start today's post by making a joke along the lines of, "Banksy ISN'T 3D because all of Banksy's stuff is 2D stencils! LOLoutLOUD", but that'd be a fucking terrible way of opening the beginning of a new week, and it'd be inaccurate because I think he does sculptures, too, which are always created in 3D.

Well, that was yet another pointless and disposable post by me on this webs...ooh, hang on a minute. Banksy has just emailed me to say that he's a "big fan" of the Hotflush daily blog, Tonka's Week and the old Weekly Review of Dance Music, bless him. He said that my work is "interesting" to him because I "subvert the mainstream dance press, regularly use a mailed fist to fight the big corporations", and I "work behind an anonymous, single-name pseudonym", which he thinks is "really cool". He also thinks that the artwork I create using Microsoft Paint, Google Images and Snipping Tool is a "welcome and fresh approach to working digitally". His words, not mine. Banksy has also attached a jpeg with the title, 4 Tonka 16. Let's have a look...

Bless him. I'm touched. Whoever he is, I've now changed my mind about him. He seems like a lovely young man who deserves every success.