Club Fabric Advert July 18, 2016 11:35

I put my best Jacamo clobber on and walked to the local corner shop for ten cans of 1664 lager. It was Saturday night. On the way back, I popped in to the Codfather and bought a bag of chips and two saveloys. TWO. I don't know how many chips there were, but when I got back to WRDMHQ I scoffed the fucking lot of them. Brown sauce everywhere.

After the third can, I opened the back door, sat on the back step and put Claustrophobia (the limited edition Japanese import) on; the most recent album by Scuba (available to buy on Hotflush Recordings from here NOW). It reminded me that I needed to cancel my plans to go to Eastern Electrics on Saturday 6 August and get tickets for Fabric that night instead.

- Why, Tonka?

- Well, on Saturday 6 August, Scuba is playing Room One at Fabric alongside Phil Kiernan, Shall Ocin and Craig Richards off of the Tall Paul - Rock Da House video. Terry Francis, Steve Rachmad and Mr. Jones play Room Two.

In reality, I'll probably get guest list for this night. No, I'll definitely get guest list. For those of you who have to pay to get into nightclubs, though, here's the link for Scuba at Fabric on Saturday 6 August 2016.


Here's the link.