Master of the Universe September 26, 2016 09:30

On Friday last week, I claimed on here that the Greatest Moment in Dance was the time I published the contents of an email conversation I had with Ivan Smagghe on the Ran$om Note. That was, of course, a load of old fucking bollocks. The interview I did with Ivan Smagghe where I rail against industry name-droppers, unashamedly drop about six dozen industry names and brown-nose his discography cover-art, whilst absolutely fucking brilliant, wasn't the Greatest Moment in Dance by a long shot, was it? LOLoutLOUD.

I called it the Greatest Moment in Dance in order to promote the interview further. I'm that kind of writer, ladies and gentlemen. I'll never change. I'll never stop promoting myself and running an extremely low-level hustle because, let's face it, no fucker else wants to help me out. Fuck 'em all.

The Greatest Moment in Dance is, OBVIOUSLY, the moment when Professor Nutt invented ecstasy E tablets.