NEWS Y2K August 31, 2016 12:43

New dance news is hard to come by. Anyone with more than two eyes and an internet connection can tell you that more than 98% of dance news outlets all peddle the same badly written shit they get emailed over by the same bored, young PR bots who think they're proper industry players; industry players like me. The other 2% of dance news is by me and everyone on the Ran$om Note website. That's your lot. I'm not saying you should trust Hotflush Recordings and Ran$om Note over the rest of the internet, but have you seen the boss-eyed, self-righteous, know-it-all drongos who comment on RA feeds like this?

The state of dance music journalism at the moment is a fucking disgrace. The internet has ruined it. You can't just read an article anymore; you've got to comment undern...fuck me, sorry. This is boring and atrocious. Everyone knows that dance music journalism is now a swamp.

I literally couldn't give a fuck about anything or anybody in dance music (except for Scuba and Hotflush Recordings), so I don't really know why I carry on writing about it.

In other dance news,