NEWSROUND June 22, 2016 10:27

JOHN BARNES was in the news yesterday, wading into the Brexit debate (a little too late, in my opinion) on Sky News. MP Michael Gove MP was on Sky News earlier that day to say that John Barnes hates Europe and wants us all to vote OUT on Thursday in order to take our country back, and to ensure English clubs get a fair crack of the whip when it comes to competing in the European Cup, and that the England football team would be better if there weren't so many European foreigners SWAMPING our game, and that.

John Barnes then Skyped Sky News from a balcony and responded to Michael Gove like how they used to do in the WWF. He cut a promo, pacing up and down his balcony, beating his chest and varying the volume of his voice from quietly deep to screaming, with an emphasis placed on various words at random.

"You know something, Jeremy Thompson?! I've been sat here on my balcony with all of my little Barnesamaniacs and we've been watching Michael Gove talk a lot of rubbish on your television programme. Oooh, yeah, he misinterpreted me, baby. Well, it's about time I stood up and responded. Today, on Sky News, Jeremy Thompson, I'm telling you, I'm telling Michael Gove, and I'm telling all of my little Barnesamaniacs, and EVERYONE else in the UK and around the world, I am voting Remain on Thursday, baby. Oooh yeah, dig it. So you can tell Michael Gove, wherever he is, that John Barnes is taking all of his Barnesamaniacs BACK into Europe on his back on Thursday. My Barnesamaniacs are climbing on my 42-inch back and I'm swimming us across the Channel, baby, stroke by stroke, kick by kick, and there is nothing, NOTHING, Michael Gove or his weasel sidekick Ian Botham can do or say that will stop my Remain vote. Whatcha gonna do, Jeremy Thompson....ARGH WHAT A RUSH!"

Jesus, that was bit forced. Sorry, everyone.