Three Pints of Bitter July 07, 2016 09:40


I phoned yesterday's post in. Could you tell? It's hard to maintain top, top quality on a daily dance blog because of how much shit is swimming around in dance on any given day. It's difficult to spot and then pick out the very few diamonds in the enormous vat of dance diarrhoea.

There are too many websites writing the same load of bollocks, too many blogs copying and pasting PR, too many DJs knocking out shit mixes on wack ass podcast series and too many people in the industry who reckon they're better than me because they get more Likes on their Facebook page, or more Retweets, or more page views on their blog, or more paid work with magazines like Mixmag, DJ Mag, Guardian Guide, etc. I don't want to sound bitter, but I am. And I've just realised that I'm phoning THIS post in, and all. I swear down that I used to be not very bad at the writing.

Fuck knows what I'm going to write about tomorrow. I'll probably rail against Thump for a bit, have a pop at the Chubby Funster, lie about how many drugs I take and reminisce about how I used to like hard house. Classic Tonka.