PYUR - Epoch Sinus LP October 31, 2016 09:30

You know what? Contrary to what I was banging on about last week, going out is fucking shit. I didn't even bother putting my shoes on when I got back to Northolt last Friday night after a long day in the Hotflush office in Berlin where I'm definitely based on Monday to Friday. Did I go to Birmingham for House of God? Did I fuck. Did I go to Hackney for Big Wave on Saturday night. Nope. It's all a load of old fucking shit and I'm GLAD I didn't go out. I'm also GLAD that I wasn't properly invited out for the Ran$om Note pre-drinks before Big Wave. I'm GLAD.

Yes, I was glad to be at home this weekend because staying in and listening to PYUR is the new going out and being disappointed about not being at home with your headphones in with PYUR on your stereo.

Epoch Sinus is the debut album by PYUR on Hotflush Recordings, and it's absolutely fucking brilliant. Just don't expect bangers. If you want a better, PR-style description, have a look at this link here, but if you want my opinion, I think it's absolutely fucking brilliant, which is what I said about 20 seconds ago. Just don't do what I did and listen to this album in your living room with all the lights off, with your headphones in around Halloween, because it's a bit fucking scary. I screamed out loud (SOL) when the trance choir vocals slowly disappeared and the reverse snare drum comes in on Agape I. I didn't shit myself, but it was still quite frightening.

I love this album, and I hope that today's post generates more sales of it.

Epoch Sinus by PYUR is OUT NOW on Hotflush Recordings. BUY IT HERE.

Have a listen to it on here, and all: