Quack Coniono January 10, 2017 13:37

Club Fabric re-opened its doors on the weekend, and everyone who is anyone was there to celebrate...

...I was in Northolt watching The Office on Netflix and working on the artwork for my new dance music project: Acid James.

When I'm not pointing out that some DJs look like other people on the Weekly Review of Dance Music, I'm sat around trying to think of eye-catching pseudonyms that could gain traction in the speedy, cut and thrust world of the dance music...world. Acid James is the quirky name I'm going to use for all of the cheeky minimal hard house tracks I produce on Ableton Live 9 this year. The name and the artwork is as far as I've got.

That's all you need these days, though, isn't it?

Or is it?

Find out tomorrow ONLY on the everlasting Hotflush Recordings blog by Tonka.