READ ALL ABOUT IT (The News) June 29, 2016 09:30

Who else is FUCKED OFF by the proper news dominating ITV News at Ten and BBC News and Sky News and Channel 4 News and the Hotflush Daily Blog?

You'd think that some people don't give a shit about when Ricardo Villalobos is playing at Fabric next, they'd rather hear about how far the pound is falling...again. You'd think that some newspaper proprietors don't want to report on Gerd Janson turning in the latest Fabric CD, fabric 89. You'd think that some television stations don't feel the need to report on Gerd Janson playing a 4-hour set at the penultimate Thunder down Dance Tunnel on Friday night. BBC News certainly hasn't broadcast the link to the Thunder website where all of the information you need is...there.

I should now write something about the BBC supressing important news about thunder, the weather, to draw these links to a close, but I can't think of anything clever enough that would scan very well. It was a good bit though, wasn't it? I went from Ricky V - Fabric - Fabric CDs - Gerd Janson - Gerd Janson at Thunder - something about thunder, the weather. No wonder the main dance music press won't touch me with a barge pole, I'm too clever for them. That's it. I'm too clever.


Anyway, I'll end with the exciting news that Paul Woolford's Mother & Child has just climbed to number 7 in the charts. It's this week's highest entry, so Paul will be performing Mother & Child on Friday night's Top of the Pops with Scuba pretending to play a keyboard and everyone from Legs & Co, Pan's People, Ruby Flipper AND the Go-Jos having a dance in front of a live studio audience and a couple of creepy old BBC paedophiles holding a microphone each. In black and white.