Reasons to be a Bellend, Part 4 August 18, 2016 09:30

Reason 1 - If you don't listen to Scuba's episode 6 of SCB Radio, Scuba's fucking brilliant new-ish radio show. It's got tracks on it by DJ Pierre, Bored Young Adults and a properly mental, low-tone bell loop by Sigha. Have a listen below this paragraph, and if you've got anything to say about it on Facebook and Twitter, make sure you use the hashtag #SCBRadio, or I'll fucking bray you into next week.

Reason 2
- If you don't go to Red Market in London tonight for Andrew Weatherall and Justin Robertson. It's free to get in and it's Andrew Weatherall and Justin Robertson. And I'll be there, signing copies of THIS blog from dusk 'til midnight. If you don't know how to get there, go on the Last Days of Shoreditch Facebook event page.

Reason 3 - If you don't subscribe to this blog. SUBSCRIBE NOW, YOU BELLEND.