Saturday Night October 21, 2016 09:30

Hair cut - check

Balls shaved and other pubic area trimmed - check

Massive bottle of Joop bought from Boots - check

Facial stubble grown to optimum length - check

Pingers purchased - check

Poppers purchased - check

Black t-shirt ironed - check

fabric 90 CD through the letter box - check

fabric 90 launch party ticket through the letter box - check

All the conditions are right for Saturday night at The Steelyard. Yes. Tomorrow night in London plays host to Scuba, Recondite (live) and Terry Francis for the launch of Scuba's fabric 90 CD (order it HERE). They can't hold the party at fabric, for obvious reasons, so it's at The Steelyard (13-16 Allhallows Lane, London, EC4R 3UL).

It's a bit like when Wembley Stadium was being done up and they had to hold the FA Cup final at various stadiums around the country for a bit.

It's exactly like that. But better.

Secure a ticket for the fabric 90 launch party HERE.