SCB Radio June 30, 2016 09:30

If you Google, "SCB Radio", at the moment, you'll get all sorts of shit thrown back at you. Look:

If you Google, "SCB Radio", after 7 July, you'll get Scuba's new radio show thrown back at you, with all of the shit you saw up there probably sat underneath it. Just ignore the shit results though. Ignore the shit and stick with Scuba.

"Ignore the shit and stick with Scuba"

He should have that slogan put on t-shirts and sell them in this shop here.

Scuba phoned me up last night. I picked up the phone and said, "Hello, Tonka speaking. How may I help you?"

He said, "I'm very excited to announce the launch of SCB Radio, my brand new weekly show. Every week I'll be presenting a rundown of my favourite tunes, not so much in a mix format but playing tracks and putting them into a bit of context and hopefully introducing you to some music you haven't heard before. This is the first weekly show I've done since being on pirate radio in London many years ago, so I'm really looking forward to getting back on the airwaves for a packed hour of music each week. The show will be broadcast from July 7 on FM radio throughout the world and of course we'll be archiving it too, so lock on, tune in, and drop out."

He then slammed the phone down and I felt a bit used. He made me feel like he only wanted to phone me up to tell me about what was going on in his life. He didn't ask about me, my family or TONKA'S MASSIVE QUESTIONS; the pub quiz I've done fuck all work on yet but am expected to present to everyone at Farm Festival on Friday 29 July 2016. He didn't even ask me where you can buy tickets for Farm Festival. If he had of done, I would have said, "here".

Oh well, it's Friday tomorrow isn't it, ladies and gentlemen?