SCB RADIO - Episode 1 July 14, 2016 09:30

If you like diving, looking at seaweed, dressing up in wet suits and underwater adventures, you'll LOVE Scuba Radio! It's airing live and with tape delays on radio stations throughout the US and 24/7 online. It's a cracking listen, if you like listening to people talking about what the best wetsuits and flippers are. Have a listen here.

If you like listening to an hour of fucking brilliant techno hosted by a fucking brilliant DJ, you'll LOVE SCB Radio episode 1. In this episode, Scuba talks about and plays tracks by Moderat, Tessella, Midland, and many, many more. It's a cracking listen whether you like dance music or not. Have a listen NOW:

What do you reckon? That Midland track about twelve minutes in was good. It's the type of track that makes me feel really arrogant on the dance floor. Know what I mean? It's got that really cocky synth/bass line thing that you can't help but purse your lips, clench your fists and look really serious to. The type of track I fucking LOVE when I'm trollied on ecstasy E tablets.