SCB Radio - Episode 10 September 15, 2016 09:30

When I turned 10, my Nanny Doreen gave me a big, sloppy, definitely non-sexual kiss on the lips and said (in a rough as arseholes Black Country accent), "Double figures, eh, kidda? Yam shootin' up, aye ya, ya lickle shit? Ahh, bless ya. Here's Double Dragon II for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Your dad said you've clocked the first one."

I said, "Nan, fuck off," because we were a close family, "I wanted Street Fighter II, not Double Dragon II. Dad should know that I prefer one on one tournament beat 'em ups as opposed to scrolling beat 'em ups, the daft cunt." She gave me a MASSIVE clip around the ear and fucking hell, I'm dragging a made-up family story out in order to plug the latest episode from Scuba's EXCELLENT radio series, SCB Radio. Soz.

Besides, Street Fighter II wasn't even released on the NES, was it? What a silly story.

Have a listen to SCB Radio - Episode 10 and share it around all of your socials (#SCBradio). If you don't, I'll give you an aggressive, sexual kiss on the lips and a MASSIVE clip around the ear.


808 State - In Yer Face (Bicep Remix)
Shifted - Clairvoyance (Part II)
SRA - Phono:Matik
Mike Parker - Undulating Frequencies
Planetary Assault Systems - Tri Fn Trp
Tuff City Kids - NORDO
Alleged Witches - Dukun
Blawan - Hanging Out With The Birds
DJ Tennis - Convex
Duijn & Douglas - Bizar
Planetary Assault Systems - Behind The Eyes
Shifted - Untitled Workout
Yotam Avni - Makot
Mike Parker - Two Step Sweep Edit
Basic Channel - Q1.1/II


PS. Here's a video of me clocking Double Dragon II on the NES: