SCB Radio - Episode 2 July 21, 2016 09:30


Last Thursday, I accidentally lumped a radio show about scuba divers in with Scuba's excellent new weekly radio show about dance music, SCB Radio. No offence was intended to be caused to either the scuba diving community or Scuba, Hotflush Recordings and the dance music community by my post, and I apologise if any offence was indeed taken. I was quite rightly given a written warning on Twitter and threatened with the SACK, also on Twitter.

Fucking Twitter.

Anyway, Episode 2 of SCB Radio is now online and available to listen again and download. It's got some great, banging and bodacious tracks by the likes of Tale of Us, Stenny, Trevino, 2000 and One, and many, many more on it plus Scuba talking every now and again. Have a listen here:

Brilliant, isn't it? You can download it here. You can also use the #SCBradio hashtag to get in touch with shout outs and feedback across ALL social media, not just on Twitter. Fucking Twitter.

See you tomorrow, goofballs.