SCB Radio - Episode 5 August 11, 2016 09:30

I took quite a few complaints after yesterday's post, boys and girls, because apparently, you're not allowed to find an Olympic athlete breaking his leg funny anymore. One young lad phoned me to ask if I'd like it if my neck got accidently broken whilst writing Tonka's Week and I then found out that somebody on Pitchfork had written an editorial about how glad they were that I'd accidently broken my neck. I said I didn't really follow what his point was, and he hung up.

Everyone fucking loves Tommy and Jerry and Itchy and Scratchy and Laurie and Hardy, though. I don't know, it just feels a bit like double-standards and inverted sexism or something when I do slapstick.

So, I'm going to keep today's post boring as fuck and just embed the boss's latest SCB Radio show underneath this bit and then fuck off home to write tomorrow's Fun Time Friday.