SMELL MY NEWS July 13, 2016 09:30

T-May becomes PM as soon as DC finishes PMQs today after the shittest leadership contest since Angela Eagle looked a bit fucking simple launching her own leadership contest against #JezWeCan on Monday morning. That's one bit of news. Another bit of news is that Andy Murray won the tennis on Sunday, Portugal won the football and Lewis Hamilton won the driving. That was good, wasn't it? Another bit of news is the BAD news that Dave Clarke was in a fucking CAR CRASH this week after DJing at Exit in Serbia. The Mercedes he was being driven from the festival in hit a Serbian lamppost. Look:

The dance music that Dave Clarke plays is often over 100bpm, the car that he crashed in flew up into the air at "over 100km" - a chilling parallel. Thankfully, the John Peel-styled Baron of Techno is alright, except for the pain in his, "neck, back, chest and arms."

Tributes from the world of dance flooded in to the Resident Advisor news thread; Richie Hawtin shouted, "soon recovery Dave!"

I'll be playing all four CDs from World Service Volumes 1 and 2 tonight and praying for Dave Clarke to make a speedy recovery. YOU SHOULD TOO.