Thus Spake Zaratonka August 26, 2016 10:28

Oil Didst O Lord, O Heavenly Father. We are gathered here today to talk about life. Electric word, life, it means forever and that is the length of which I'm about to rip Prince off. Even from beyond the grave, he's pulling the audio from his YouTube videos. God knows what he can do to independent record label websites like this, bless him.

It's been a long week, ladies and gentlemen, and it's going to be an even longer weekend ahead (not literally longer) because this weekend is the weekend where there are three days to it instead of the usual two days because, yes, as you might have guessed by now, it is in fact, the Friday before what is known in most quarters as, I, as do most people, like to call it, the August Bank Holiday weekend at the end of this year's August (2016). Yes, it's the August Bank Holiday weekend and I'll be toasting THIS by dancing my socks and shoes off at Secretsundaze on Sunday afternoon, and on Monday I'll be eschewing the James Bond films in favour of relaxing with my brand new DVD, Anal University 12: Twisted Tales of Detention. 

Fuck me, this has been a terrible post. Sorry. Hopefully, Scuba won't sack me again. I think my good posts definitely outweigh my atrocious ones, though. Overall, the Hotflush daily blog by me is a good blog, isn't it? Nobody can say it's terrible. It's better than anything else out there, in the grand scheme of things. Nobody else writes like I do in dance, do they? They don't though, do they? I feel better now. It's not all bad.