Trevino - Slide Away November 28, 2016 09:30

Have you bought the Slide Away EP by Trevino yet? I have. I bought it last night from THIS LINK HERE and I'm listening to it right now, as I type this, live as it happens, today. NOW.

Here's my unbiased review of it:

Slide Away
 is not, unfortunately, a remix of that Oasis song, but it has got some really nice shuffling shuffle shakes behind the beat, a bassline that only comes in every few beats and an occasional piano noise with echoes and reverb towards the end. It's a nice track, to be honest. It's nothing like the stuff he does when he's thinking about drum and bass.

kicks off a bit faster than Slide Away, I think, but I think the bassline that comes in after about a minute is the same as the one on Slide Away. No, sorry, that's not the bassline, it's another instrument. Sorry. About one minute and fifty-seconds in, it all goes a bit weird, the proper bassline sounds really funny for a bit and then stops abruptly and goes back to normal. It never really goes that bananas again throughout the rest of the song. Trevino shows enormous restraint in that respect, because I could well imagine someone like DJ Jean letting the frequency and resonance filters go round and round like a fucking roundabout as the track plays out to a ridiculous conclusion.

is one of those classic Berghain tracks. I've never been to Berghain, but I bet this is one of them tracks that is part of the classic Berghain sound. I can well imagine DJ Jean playing this in one of the famous Berghain dark rooms to an orgy of gay fellas having aggressive, and extremely consensual sexual intercourse, but knowing DJ Jean, he'd layer a load of spaceship blast off countdown acapellas and fake horn samples over the top of it, bless him.

Jungle Love
is not, unfortunately, a remix of that Morris Day & The Time song, but it has got a really nice, soft open hi-hat on the off-beat. On two minutes and fifty-eight seconds, Thomas the Tank Engine's fog horn starts coming in every now and again, which is fucking funny when you first hear it. I'd love to be in a club, on my second or third pill, dancing to a bit of techno with Thomas the Tank Engine's fog horn blasting through my skull every twenty seconds. Trevino should have called this one, Sodor Love, not Jungle Love. Know what I mean?

Trevino - Slide Away EP

Buy Slide Away HERE

I enjoyed that. I'd forgotten how good I am at reviewing dance music. I should do it more often, because I'm better than everyone at RA at doing this.

Some people* call me the Matt Le Tissier of dance music writing.